HealthCauses of Headache over the eye

HealthCauses of Headache over the eye

    Causes of Headache over the eye

    Headaches are always defined as headache pain that can range from the front of the head, neck base, or behind the eyes, and various types of headaches or even other diseases can cause pain behind one or both eyes. Headaches or pain may also cause light disturbance in the eyes .

    While headache is one of the diseases that can be treated at home if you know its cause, but the doctor can help you make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the headache so that you can treat it in a more effective way, and together we will review some of the causes of feeling the headache behind the eyes until the condition is treated properly.

    Reasons of Headache over the eye
    Pain over the eye due to a tension headache
    One of the common causes that a person feels pain over his eyes is a tension headache, and this type of headache causes pain in the neck, forehead, and behind the eyes as well. Treating this problem, and frequent breaks while working in front of a computer or screen, can also help give the eye some relief.

    Tension headache is the most common and often symptomatic type of headache, meaning it occurs once or twice, however it may become a chronic condition that lasts for more than fifteen days a month or even more, and is more common in women

    Pain over the eye due to sinusitis
    One of the reasons that makes a person feel pain over the eyes is one of the common causes when the sinuses are inflamed and this is called a sinus headache. Inflammation creates additional pressure behind the eyes and this causes pain in that area. For treatment of this condition, it is recommended to treat the problem of the sinuses to relieve pressure in the head And behind the eyes, sinus headaches may be accompanied by some other symptoms, including:

    Stuffy nose

    Pain in the upper teeth.

    Exacerbation of pain when lying down.


    Pain over the eye due to cluster headaches
    Cluster headache is a headache pain in the form of a chain consisting of three to four periods of painful short headache, and each period may last from less than 15 minutes to more than an hour, and you usually feel this headache behind one eye and migraine may be accompanied by other symptoms such as:

    Red eyes.

    Eyes swelling.

    Shedding tears

    Pain over the eye due to migraines
    Migraines are pressure or pain behind the eyes, and this type of headache is usually described as worse than regular headache, because it may cause pain that lasts for hours or even days in one period, and the migraine may become so severe that it negatively affects the quality of life of the patient, Aside from severe pain behind one eye, migraines may also cause:

    Sensitive to light.

    Eye pain.

    Nausea dizziness.



    Poor eyesight

    And eye strain.

    In some cases, migraines and pain over the eyes is the result of the presence of problems that are not clear in the eyes, as eye strain is exaggerated as a result of staring at screens or even short-sightedness and leaving the condition without diagnosis can lead to brain stimulation exaggerated, and this stimulation to feeling Headache.

    Certain diseases in the eye or other medical conditions that affect the eye can lead to a headache in the area behind the eyes or above the eye, including:

    Scleritis is a severe inflammation that occurs in the white area of the eye known as sclera.

    Optic neuritis.

    Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder.

    Glaucoma, an eye and optic nerve disease.

    Treating headaches over the eyes
    Over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen can treat headaches, yet these medications should not be used excessively, because they may cause a condition known as a “rebound headache” and this condition occurs after the body gets used to painkillers and the pain increases as soon as the effect disappears Medicine.

    In the case of severe headaches, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants to stop muscle contractions and antidepressants to make your serotine levels in your brain stabilize.

    Other effective treatments for the headache problem above the eye include:

    Exercise on a daily basis.

    Reducing the intake of processed foods.

    Reducing caffeine intake.

    Reducing the use or refraining from tobacco use.

    And if the pain does not go away after you try these methods, you should make a good medical examination on your eyes, you may have a more serious vision problem, do not ignore the symptoms and consult with your doctor about it, because early diagnosis helps in treatment better.

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