Top 5 fruits that help in weight loss

Top 5 fruits that help in weight loss

    Top 5 fruits that help in weight loss

    Fruits can be a real pleasure if they cause weight loss. Fruits are among the most beneficial, healthy and enjoyable foods that supply sugars. Besides these many benefits, some fruits also help you lose weight.

    Unripe bananas

    Some types of diets may tend to stay away from bananas because it is a fruit with high carbohydrates, but in the case of imperfect bananas the banana contains a resistant starch material and this starch is not digested in the natural way that is done with other types of starch.

     Some studies have shown that this starch passes through the intestine without change as insoluble fiber, which leads to less absorption of the sugar contained in it. It is also known that insoluble fiber gives a feeling of satiety.

    Noticeable: Try to eat green bananas before they turn "ripening" yellow with yogurt or cereals to avoid the harsh taste of bananas.


    There are two reasons to eat fresh and not dried coconuts in weight loss systems. Coconut meat can be added to the power of fruits or drinks, which will help you feel full. Coconut meat contains a very high percentage of healthy fats, and these healthy fats reduce the digestion of sugars found in coconuts. Coconut helps to feel full for long periods, and it also contains triglycerides, a type of dietary fat that is processed by the body to obtain a fast energy source instead of storing fat.

    Noticeable: If it is difficult for you to break the coconut fruit, you can get frozen coconut meat in grocery stores, and some stores work to prepare and sell coconut meat.


    Avocados are classified as fruits, and avocados are high in fiber and healthy fats. 7 grams of avocados are equivalent to a whole fruit. Avocados contain fiber and fats for a long time. In addition to the benefits of avocado, the unsaturated fats it contains help protect the heart muscle.

    Noticeable: Preparing avocado as a snack is very saturated, especially if it is taken with a piece of crunchy bread. In addition to the benefits of avocado, the unsaturated fats it contains help protect the heart muscle.

    Dragon Fruit 

    Dragon fruit is not only sweet in shape and taste, but also of a large size so this fruit can be added to the diet because it is one of the fruits that is a good source of satiety, unlike some other healthy foods that do not give a feeling of satiety. Dragon fruit fills the stomach and contains only 60 calories and 8 grams of sugar, and it is considered less sweet than many other fruits, for example, one apple has from 80 to 100 calories.

    Noticeable: Cut the dragon fruit in half and then take out the heart of the fruit with a spoon to separate it from the peel. It has a tangy taste like cucumber but with a local flavor.


    Kiwi fruit is easy to carry because of its small size in addition to being useful for weight loss, it is possible to take it in the bag on a daily basis, it is also possible to eat peel and meat together. Each kiwi contains 5 grams of fiber. Also, kiwi is rich in vitamin D. It also contains an enzyme that helps the body digest proteins.

    Noticeable: Kiwi fruit is considered one of the most important fruits of diets if you eat it alone or with salads or for example in seasoning meat.